Saranac Lake makes us pay to keep our pipes from freeing

To the editor:

I cannot believe the comment by Mr. Dora in today’s [Thursday’s] article about freezing pipes. “People can run their water, but it’s going to cost them.” Just a few years ago the village asked residents to run water to prevent mains from freezing and would bill them based on last year’s bill. Different story when it’s only their pipes that are freezing up. I can only hope that when this week’s temps of 24 degrees below zero hit, Mr. Dora has a front-row seat while the Department of Public Works tears up roadways to fix leaks. Maybe with a shovel in hand and knee deep in frozen mud. Suggesting people heat their basements with what? Space heaters in cobweb-filled crawl spaces should keep the Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire Department busy, I would think. A couple dollars of water to put residents, equipment and men at risk. Bad move!

John Helmke

Saranac Lake