Challenge for all drivers — be the best you can be

Do you now, or have you ever participated in sports? When you play, whether if it’s on a team or perhaps an individual sport like golf, tennis, or skiing, do you try to do the best you can or do you just go through the motions? Do you try to win?

Most athletes that I know or watch do the best they can. They try their hardest to win. In fact, I have never met an athlete that tries to lose.

Can we apply this concept to driving? Why not? Driving is an activity that we perform every day in front of hundreds of other people. Isn’t it just like an athlete performing his/her sport in front of others?

When I talk traffic safety to high school students I always ask how many of the students in the class are in sports. Generally over half raise their hands. I then ask those in sports if they try to be the best they can, and I have yet to find a student athlete that doesn’t.

So, if athletes almost unanimously try to be the best they can be why not drivers? What’s interesting here is that if an athlete makes a mistake, it may cost him/her the race or the team a win, but it isn’t deadly, unless you might be a racecar driver. Make a mistake in driving and you could lose your life or be seriously injured. With these consequences, why wouldn’t every driver try to be the best driver they can be?

No athlete can perform at their best every minute of every game, nor can any driver be at their best every minute of every day they are on the road. But, if athletes can TRY to be at their best in every game, why not also drivers whenever they are driving?

If, when we are driving, we fail to signal a turn or lane change, are we putting forth our best effort? If we allow ourselves to be distracted by any number of possibilities, are we being the best driver we can be? If we drift out of our lane, are we paying enough attention – are we driving the best we can? Certainly not!

The point of this article is not to get every driver to be a perfect driver but rather to get us to be the best we CAN be! Just like athletes, let’s try, as drivers, to be the best we CAN be no matter how good or bad that is. Like an athlete, if we drive the best we can we will be better drivers than if we don’t try. And, also like athletes, if we aren’t perfect (and no athlete is, except maybe Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci who received a perfect 10.0 score in the 1976 Olympics, then we can learn how to do better. We can practice to improve on our weaker points, like maybe parking between the lines, or staying in our lane. Bottom line is that if we all tried to be the best driver we can be driving would be a much safer and more pleasant experience. Are you as a driver up to the challenge?

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